An open invitation to party on World Cities Day

athens fever

Celebrate the city. Celebrate Athens. Saturday 31st October is World Cities Day and a great chance to sample the delights of this wonderful capital. Framed by its exhilarating natural setting and inspired by its great heritage, this ancient metropolis also moves to a very modern rhythm, blazing trails for innovation in art and funky new urban lifestyles. So deftly and with such panache does it shift between its different gears, so captivating is its penchant for constant reinvention that there is a pleasant surprise round every corner. Your options for activity and entertainment are endless and on Saturday when the city morphs into one enormous party zone, you can join in all the fun with a multi-ethnic mix of revelers and savour all the ingredients that go into making that unique Athens experience.

From Friday 30th, you can pick up a magic wristband from the airport when you arrive, hotels or at famous landmarks. As well as entitling you to free entry to several major museums and special offers in the hippest joints in town, it gives you instant access to all the events that are all set to supercharge the city for the entire Saturday. Just to give you a small taster of what’s going on: Proceedings start energetically under the timeless gaze of the Acropolis, where folk dancers from across the country will show off the steps that capture the authentic heart of Greece and its traditional customs. Later on Ermou, the main shopping street of Athens, exponents of the art of swing have licence  not only to dazzle with their dexterous dance steps but also to get YOUR feet moving too. On top of this, prestigious, world-renowned museums will be throwing open their doors to welcome one and all; high quality restaurants are primed to showcase the most mouth-watering side of Athens and then, a Sunset Party, right next to the beach on the famous Athenian Riviera. Finally, as you would expect, the party really gets into top gear after dark with one of the most happening clubs in Athens inviting you to let your hair down till dawn.

And there is so much more! Athens is many worlds in one. It’s a world of history, culture, natural beauty, taste, music and fun...and on World Cities Day it’s throwing the most gigantic party, a citywide extravaganza to celebrate with people from all around the globe and for which there is only one remaining word, UNMISSABLE!