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Panormos Beach in Skopelos

A tiny jewel sparkling in the Aegean sun, Kimolos extends the warmest of welcomes, with all its authenticity and considerable charm.

Nature gave birth to this island in a fit of rage and compensated by endowing it with rich gifts. The volcanic island of Kimolos – Arzantiera, meaning silver, according to the Venetians- welcomes you in its own special, calm and serene way. Colourful, shiny pebbles, limpid waters, grey-white rocks whose shapes tease the imagination, thermal springs streaming onto sandy beaches all come together as one single painting of unique beauty.

Things to do in Kimolos

Horio and the castle
Horio, a hamlet at the foot of Mt Ksaplovouni, will enthrall you with its picturesque simplicity and authenticity. Walk under archways and through covered alleys, amongst white houses with gardens in full bloom, rest in a traditional café, and talk with the open-hearted residents. From “Platia tou Sholiou”, the square of the school, you can admire the moon by night and from the chapel of Pantokratoras, take in a view of the nearby islands at any hour. In the evening, enjoy a drink in one of the bars in Agora, the central thoroughfare.

The centerpiece of Horio is the medieval castle from the 14th-15th century. It consists of two clusters of houses, Mesa Kastro which is now derelict and Exo Kastro, whose houses form a stronghold for the residents’ protection against pirate raids. From the moment you enter through the two gates of Exo Kastro, Kato and Pano Porta, you’ll be whisked back in time.

The Archeological and Folklore Museum
In the Archeological Museum, you will see exhibits that guide you through thousands of years of the island’s history. Under the transparent crystal floor, there is a depiction of an ancient burial, uncovered during excavation work.

In the Folklore Museum, in actual fact the founder’s paternal house, you will admire the efforts to keep the folk traditions of the island alive, lovingly handed down to future generations as a guiding light for their lives.

On the Sklavi elevation, in the middle of a bare plateau is a rare and striking geological formation. Registered in the Aegean Geological Monument Atlas, ‘the stone mushroom’ has acquired its unique shape due to the variety of rock types of which it is composed, all with different levels of resistance to the prevailing winds.

Unique beaches in Kimolos


Do not forget to bring your goggles to this beach. Lying just below the surface of its shallow waters is the ancient city of the island. In Mavrospilia you will enjoy a dreamy sunset. Prepare your cameras because Apagremna will enchant you as well.

Prasa beach
One of the most impressive beaches of Kimolos with turquoise waters and loose-grained sands. At the entrance to the hamlet, there are thermal springs. Under the chapel of Agios Georgios, the Mediterranean monachus-monachus seal finds refuge in the sea caves.

Gioupa is a picturesque fishing village with a few houses and a small harbor. At the end of the headland you will see the “elephant”, a figure sculpted by the sea and the wind with the passing of time.

At some other point, your attention will be drawn by “Sirmata”, the caves carved out of the rocks by the fishermen to haul their boats into for shelter during the winter months. Next to Sirmata you will find a pebbly beach, Rema, and a natural pool with azure waters, inviting you in for a quick dip.

Aliki beach
If you like wandering along the shore and picking out colourful pebbles, you will be excited at the chance to expand your collection. Follow up by finding shade under the tamarisks and then enjoy a swim in sparkling waters of the big blue.

Images of Kimolos

Hidden treasures of Kimolos

By caique or boat
Seaborne vessels of all descriptions are ready to convey you to gorgeous beaches and wild, untamed landscapes. The sea cave of Gerakia offers a unique and unforgettable exploration, wading through its crystal-clear shallow waters. In Agioklima you will be rejuvenated in the warm, therapeutic waters and in “Geronikola t’ Apsila” you will admire the grey-white volcanic rock.

In the Cyclades, between Kimolos and Milos, a paradise on earth awaits a nautical mile away. Polyaigos is the biggest uninhabited island in the Mediterranean and a veritable ecological haven. It provides shelter to rare species of flora and fauna while its gorgeous beaches, such as Mersini and Galazia Nera, and its exotic bays attract yacht owners from all over the world.

Footpaths in Kimolos
If you love a good hike, equip yourselves accordingly, get genned up on all the routes and put your best foot forward!