Sifnos: Platis Gialos Beach
Sifnos: Vathi Beach
Sifnos: Kamares Beach
Sifnos: Faros Beach
Sifnos: Glyfo Beach
Sifnos: Fasolou Beach
Sifnos: Heronissos Beach
Sifnos: Seven Martyrs Beach
Sifnos: Hrysopigi Sifnos
Sifnos: Saoures Beach
Sifnos: Seralia Beach
Platys Gialos is the most popular and largest beach on Sifnos, as well as one of the longest sandy beaches of the Cyclades. Everything here is structured and near: restaurants, tavernas and housing are all around the bay. Its warm and shallow waters attract a lot of families with young children.
A picturesque settlement with a large and sandy beach and small traditional tavernas next to the sea. It lies in beautiful surroundings, protected from the winds, and with higher-end housing choices.
Sifnos’ main port also includes a large and clean sandy beach that has been awarded a Blue Flag for cleanliness. It has a lot of shrubs providing shade, fine golden sand and a wide array of cafes and places to eat.
The main beach of the beautiful and picturesque settlement of Faros, it is an ideal choice for families with children because of the sand and of the several choices for food or coffee.
A beautiful and quiet sandy beach near the picturesque settlement of Faros. It is accessible on foot through a path going through the village.
The last of three beaches around Faros, with shallow water, golden sand and a restaurant covering the basics. All you will need besides is shade, which the shrubs provide as long as get there before everyone else!
A picturesque fishing village in the northern edge of the island, protected from the winds, with a beach of the same name. A lovely settlement and a quiet and small beach with shrubs providing shade and fish tavernas with the catch of the day.
A small and rocky beach facing the photogenic chapel of the Seven Martyrs. A magical atmosphere, with a rocky ledge. You can dive off into the cool waters and enjoy sunbathing here.
The comfortable rocks of this beach with cool waters are popular with people who like diving and a more peaceful atmosphere. The beach is right below the well-known monastery of Panagia Chryssopigi (Virgin of the Golden Source).
A small, beautiful beach with fine pebbles. Accessible on foot, as there is no motor road. You can combine a swim here with another at Chryssopigi and its rocks, fairly close, or with Apokofto, which has both a sandy beach and some natural shade, if you decide to go beach hopping.
A beautiful, small and fine-pebbled baylet south of Kastro (the castle), which used to serve as Sifnos’ main port in antiquity. It is protected by very tall cliffs and there are traditional restaurants with a gourmet touch.