Legend says that giants once battled in the Aegean, leaving behind the Cyclades.

Today, the islands themselves are the giants; Greece’s unrivalled crowning glory, some of the biggest names in sun-drenched holiday destinations on the world stage. Take a bow; Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Ios. But we are only just getting started.

All the islands, great or small, madcap or mellow, sparkle like the diamonds they truly are. All have something unique to discover amidst the glistening whites of their traditional dwellings and the radiant blues of a sea, basking in perpetual sunshine and embraced by spectacular rugged coastlines. What’s more, you can hand-pick a diamond especially cut to suit your tastes and desires. Ancient temples and monuments come alive in the islands’ dazzle, there’s action and sports galore to be enjoyed, pulsating nightlife if that’s your bag or for those more tranquil moments, perhaps a tavern at sunset, sampling one of many local delicacies. Then, of course, there are those glorious world-famous beaches to suit all moods, every single one a show-stopper; the kind of beaches where you know that when you lie back and relax, you’ll find i the true meaning of the word ‘holiday’.

Whenever you choose to visit, you’ll be sure that you will shine along with Crown Jewels of the Aegean and genuinely experience the holiday of a lifetime to put all others in the shade. The Cyclades are the islands that always give you the royal treatment!