a greek white chappel and a vine branch

The soul of Greek summer in a glass of wine with a view of the Aegean

The aromas and the soul of summer are hidden in the white wine varietals that thrive in Greek soil. The fruity and herbal fragrances of Malagouzia, the fresh, crisp acidity of rare Assyrtiko, and the imported Chardonnay that highlights the characteristics of the Greek land that nurtures it.

Summer and white wine complement one another, like the Greek sun and sea, and are best enjoyed together. Come and discover the varietals that pair perfectly with your summer.

Malagouzia: One of the most popular varietals in Greece today, Malagouzia was once an endangered grape. Born on the west side of Central Greece, but now bred all over the country, Malagouzia invites the producer to experiment. It creates particularly aromatic wines with a lemon-green tint, notes of summer fruits like peaches, and plant-like elements like green peppers and flowers.

Assyrtiko: One of the most important Greek varietals, with origins in the volcanic soil of Santorini, it stands out for its unique ability to withstand hot, dry climates. Acidity, a mineral character and full body are just some of its basic characteristics. It is a Greek wine that has achieved global reach and international acclaim.

Chardonnay: Chardonnay is proof that imported varietals can coexist creatively with the native soil. Cultivated in recent decades on Greek land, it can be found throughout mainland Greece and Crete. It is moulded like the personality of a child, its character developing according to the producer and the nutrients provided by the soil. 

Aegean launches a business class service on international flights under the concept of "Discovering Greek wine”. Business Class passengers on international flights as well as visitors to Business Class Lounges in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaca, will have the privilege to taste a range of selected wines.
The advisor of Aegean for this project and responsible for the selection of wines is Mr. Konstantinos Lazarakis MW (Master of Wine).