Mercedes Taxi Club

Mercedes taxi club founded to provide reliable, luxurious and yet affordable services and movement of people, objects, pets. Our company offers the customer (individual, company), a high level of service, a limousine service company and also the flexibility of a taxi company.

Services Referrals
We have great experience to serve you 24/7, 365 days a year.Our experience will take you to your destination with courtesy, professionalism, safety and reliability. We travel to any destination in Athens and throughout Greece. Handling unaccompanied We transport unaccompanied packages, mail, important documents, packages, parcels (even bulky items)  exterior work Undertake any outside work for you always responsibly and as a result you were by yourself .. Make sure to try and discover the benefit of our services.

Facilities and Services
1.Transfers with Taxi,Van,Limo

2.Transfer unaccompanied (parcels, mail, important documents, packages, parcels (even bulky objects).

3 External work

Opening Hours

Akropoleos 3, Athens, Greece, 15233, Athens, ATHENS
T. 210-6821424, 6940290040