Anemi Hotel
Folegandros: harmony against a white backdrop

On Folegandros, the rocky coastline with cliffs that sit bolt upright from the shore give fair notice of the untamed, wild beauty you have in store. The traditional Cycladic architecture of the white washed villages, reflecting the the brilliance of the Aegean light, joins ...Read more

About us
ANEMI HOTELS GROUP is delighted to present its two luxury design hotels, ΑthensWas which is located at the historical center of Athens and Anemi Hotel in Folegandros island, one of the Cyclades Islands. 

Anemi Hotel 
was created with the aim of providing a 5 star luxurious, carefree accommodation in Folegandros, which has managed to preserve its Aegean authenticity untouched by the conventional development of tourism.

Τhe group’s newest luxury design hotel ΑthensWas opened its doors in 2015 with a specific aim: to make AthensWas the hotel of choice for travelers visiting Athens for business or pleasure, and to make their stay a singularly luxurious and pleasurable experience.

The company ΕPILOGI KTIRION – K. BENAKOPOULOS S.A. with many years of experience in luxury real estate, is behind the Anemi Hotels Group. The vision of the family who established the two hotels – and is also in charge of both the management and the operation - was to create hotels that will stand out not only for their architecture and design, but also for their high-quality accommodation, with aim to offer an unforgettable holiday experience for every guest who chooses ANEMI HOTELS for their stay.

The company's original decision to invest in Folegandros was bold and proved to be an excellent one in terms of strategy, as they chose an island of the barren line and managed to transform it into a world-renowned destination. Since 2007 until now, Anemi has hosted 35,000 people from European countries and the USA.

Equally important was the decision to invest in the historic centre of Athens. The first place where travelers and visitors to Athens choose to stay is undoubtedly the area around the Acropolis, the new Museum and Plaka. Until April 2015, the area, and particularly the pedestrian precinct of Dionysius Areopagite, lacked a hotel able to offer the service and luxury of a design boutique hotel to those coming to Athens for business or pleasure. AthensWas came just to meet this need. Since the first month of its operation, it has enjoyed a high level of acceptance, characterized by occupancy, and has been earning rave reviews from the guests as well as the international and domestic media.

AthensWas and Anemi Hotel are officially included in the internationally recognized network of DESIGN HOTELS ™. They are constantly promoted, always accompanied by positive reports, through various international magazines and sites, contributing to the upgrading of tourism in Greece and the enhancement of its reputation.

Our country is in need of such remarkable investments in the tourism industry, able to advertise and internationally upgrade it. AthensWas and Anemi Hotel, with their exceptional aesthetics and high quality, worthily contribute towards this aim.

Athens, Folegandros
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