Elegance, generosity and cosmopolitan charm
A world of chivalry, mouth-watering food & wine and generous hospitality, and a setting of heart-melting romance and wonderful beaches… Rhodes has a long history of capturing the heart of its visitors.
The enduring appeal of Rhodes
Imagine the scene. An ancient temple perched high above the Aegean Sea, with the wind breezing through your hair. Or a medieval fortress town, with the Knights Templar in residence and cobblestone streets lit only by the flickering of torchlight. Or a refuge for movie and pop stars. When it comes to explaining Rhodes’ enduring appeal, every generation has played its part to build a stage that now feels like it’s yours alone.

Be the star in an age of chivalry
The Palace of the Grand Masters, the Street of the Knights… monasteries, synagogues, mosques and minarets. From ancient beginnings, to when a handful of knights were the last Christian holdouts in a region dominated by Ottoman Turks, and then on to Byzantine, Jewish and other settlements – walking around Rhodes’ Old Town is far more than a simple cultural experience.

Discovering the 2,400-year legacy of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is to feel at the centre of the world of every settler and community in the island’s rich history. Behind stone walls emblazoned with coats of arms, and through arches and courtyards, are museums, restaurants and shops that have a feeling of cosmopolitan luxury. So well preserved is the old town that you’ll feel like you’re in a film set where you don’t just witness history… you star in it.
An island that gives generously
It’s not hard to see the attraction for all those settlers. The Dodecanese island gave its settlers not a just a geographical advantage in the region, but also the fertile soil of the lush interior that continues to provide exceptional agricultural produce.

The result is not just a rich and varied island cuisine, but a generosity that extends to the warm-hearted locals. Locally produced honey and sesame paste provide the ingredients for a plethora of famed Rhodian sweets and delicacies. Yellow-tinged extra-virgin olive oil and an assortment of handmade pasta dishes are among other island specialities, as are cyclamen leaves rolled up with a meat stuffing and an assortment of dishes of chick peas and bulgur wheat, to complement locally sourced meat and fish. We could go on all afternoon… but we’ll leave that to you.

Tapping into a deep history of wine-making
But now for perhaps the biggest surprise on the lunch table… welcome to the wines of Rhodes. There is a virtually uninterrupted history of viticulture on Rhodes going back to the 7th century BC, when the island was renowned for wine trading. The vineyards are concentrated around the villages in the foothills of the 1,215m Mt Attavyros (Embonas, Agios Isidoros, Siana…). For whites, Athiri and Muscat are the indigenous grapes of choice and for the reds Mandilaria and Amorgiano.

With other international varietals also produced, the island boasts two PDO labels. The valleys and mountain paths around the Natura 2000-protected Mt Attavyros provide rewarding hiking territory, which can be combined with a visit to a winery, amongst them Embonas and Kounakis, both of which offer wine-tasting experiences.

A legendary selection of beaches
Rhodes wouldn’t be Rhodes if we didn’t talk about the beaches. Dozens… scrap that! ... hundreds of them. From organised stretches of sand offering the convenience of amenities and umbrellas, to dreamy bays and coves accessible only by car or boat.

Anthony Quinn acquired legendary status after the filming of Guns of Navarone when he tried to buy a beach that stole his heart. And pop stars famously flocked to Lindos, renowned for its sandy coves as much as its Doric temple, during the 1970s – among them Pink Floyd (David Gilmour bought a villa here).

The east coast offers numerous landmark beaches… Kallithea, Agathi, Faliraki Bay and, yes Anthony Quinn Beach…. While the more rugged western coastline is frequented by wind- and kite-surfers (Ixia and Ialysos) – but by the looks of Fourni and gorgeous Aliki Beach, there’s something for the sun-worshipper here too.
A world of elegance, generosity and style
And so there it is… a world of cosmopolitan chivalry and mouth-watering food & wine, a stepping stone to a remarkable selection of beaches, and a setting of heart-melting romance. Rhodes does, indeed, have a long history of capturing the heart of its visitors. Which is why Rodos Park Suites & Spa, a 5-star boutique hotel and member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, has matched the island’s sense of elegance and warm hospitality for the past two decades.

Just a few steps from the beach and from the island’s modern shops and amenities, it is also right next to historic d’Amboise Gateway to the medieval city, through which the magical, other-worldly charm of Rhodes awaits. Or perhaps it’s a day to stay right where you are and luxuriate in the serenity and fragrant gardens of the hotel’s stylish swimming pool. One way or another, though, you’ll end up at the Galaxy Roof Lounge Bar, cocktail in hand, where the touch of glamour is matched by the most magical of views.
Elegance, generosity and cosmopolitan charm
Whatever your style – medieval chivalry, boutique elegance, indulging in new tastes or simply finding a beach to match your mood – Rhodes offers a rich and varied script of holiday experiences to choose from.
It takes just one step on holiday to start the process of discovery. So, what if that step becomes a hop? And then another?