The city you’re destined to visit… Event-ually!

You hardly need an excuse to visit Athens. But what if we gave you one… or two, or three? Now add a dose of late-summer sun and the prospect of sampling new tastes and sounds, or even stretching yourself on the sporting front. No wonder Athens’ exciting events programme is all the temptation you need to go through with that promise of visiting one day. Or two. Or three.
All the city’s a stage
As with any great performer, just when your audience thinks you’ve given it all… that’s your cue to deliver your most magical and memorable lines. And, boy, does Athens know how to perform. So straight after the high summer months, when the famed Greek sun has seemingly given its best, up step September and October to steal the show.

This is when the Greek capital is at its most radiant and welcoming: festivals and concerts with an irresistible rhythm; restaurants and bars that allow you to soak up every minute of being outdoors; sporting events that give new meaning to the term ‘personal best’. And not just in the centre… all the way down the coast to the famed riviera of bars and beaches (where glitz meets glamour) and across to the nearby Saronic Gulf islands, where the tempo is slower but the vibe is just as strong.
Join the culinary revolution

If there’s one experience that’s done more than any other to propel Athens towards the top of the European city break hotlist, it’s the food. There’s been a culinary revolution in the capital, with young chefs outdoing each other for creativity and flair, and a delicious wave of food and wine products flooding the highstreets.

So imagine if you had the opportunity to spend an afternoon sampling a tasting menu of some of Athens’ best chefs (some with Michelin stars) in one of the city’s most iconic venues. This is the idea behind Taste of Athens, premiering at the end of September at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC). From celebrity chef cooking demonstrations to wine masterclasses and mixology showrooms… and, of course, a selection of some of the finest new tastes of the city.

Send your spirits soaring

You’ve done the cultural sites, the shops, the bars, the markets and the hours of walking … but you still think you’re pretty adventurous. So you head along to the beaches to the south and possibly even the mountains to the north? But there’s still lots to discover when it comes to a city break in Athens. Events pop up literally everywhere in and around this city. In some cases, they even prop up?

Take the Athens Flying Week, a now established annual event that draws an international crowd of families and aviation enthusiasts that get up close and personal to some of the best aerobatics display teams around the world (the Red Arrows are firm favourites). Imagine cobalt blue September skies and all those brightly coloured vapour trails. Enough said.

Greek National Opera
Small, grand, near and far… Athens’ end-of-summer events programme is, without doubt, a head-turner. If you’ve never been to a performance at the Herodes Atticus theatre beneath the Acropolis, just stop reading this and book now (there’s everything from Euripides’ Electra to Brian Ferry in September) and the SNFCC’s Opera House is an exciting new must-see venue.
A break that puts the wind in your sails
But you should also let your imagination drift. To the island of Poros, for starters, for the 28th Blue Cup Regatta that draws entries from all around the world. How else could it be for a sailing event that promises “competition and sportsmanship with cocktails, dancing and partying at every port of call”?
Or perhaps you’re in the mood to mix athletic ambition with island getaway? If so, put the Spetses Mini Marathon in your diary for early October – with 5k-25k running and 1.5-5k swimming events, all with the promise of weekend of island fun just a short hop from Athens.
The city you’re destined to visit… Event-ually!
So there it is… a one-city calendar of gastronomic, cultural and sporting performances to a backdrop of late-summer sunshine. What more excuse do you need? That it’s just a short flight away? That you’ll be welcomed with a warmth that rivals the weather. That you won’t want to leave?

Things you can do on a city break in Athens
Seeing and believing in the splendor of the Greek capital stretching back to a golden age of history.