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About Marketing Greece

Marketing Greece, a non-profit SA, was founded in 2013 with the effective promotion of the Greek Tourism Product as its primary aim. Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) is the main shareholder of MARKETING GREECE, with the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) and the Hellenic Association of Advertising – Communication Agencies (EDEE) as co-shareholders.

Through a multidimensional communication policy, it aims at showcasing the country as one of the most significant and attractive destinations globally. It implements a multi-faceted plan of activities, aiming at the enhancement of the visitor experience and the effective promotion of the tourism product abroad. Within the framework of its activity it has created and manages “Discovergreece.com”, a tourism website with a global reach. Learn more here.

What is discovergreece.com?

Discovergreece.com is a unique platform dedicated to the promotion of the Greek Tourism Portfolio, both on a Domestic as well as on an International level.
It is an interactive communication platform of the highest quality, which has been developed in line with international studies and standards as regards functionality, services and the user experience it provides.

Discovergreece.com operates as a comprehensive Online visitor guide promoting 120 Greek destinations through multimedia content which includes recording “experiences”, photos and videos of the destination, user content – visitors to the site, members of the largest online Greek community.

The content of the site is available in 6 languages (Greek, English, German, French, Russian and Turkish) so as to address the international tourist markets directly and in a targeted manner. 

It offers the opportunity of planning a visit to Greece through the reservation services regarding Flights, Accommodation, Ferries and Car Rentals.

What are the promotional programmes for tourism enterprises at discovergreece.com?

There are three different promotional programmes providing communication solutions depending on the needs of the business.

Find out about the programmes here.
If the standardized promotional programmes do not meet your needs contact us here

What is the duration of the promotional programmes?

Programmes are of yearly duration, effective from the activation date at Discovergreece.com

How is the order of appearance of results determined?

Results appear in random order which varies per user session
Premier Programme businesses (light blue background) have priority regarding the order in which they appear, followed by Advanced Programme businesses (grey background) and then the Classic Programme businesses.

Where do the offers of my business appear?

The offers are promoted throughout the content of Discovergreece.com. 
Specifically, they are connected to the Destination and the Region in which the business is located, the relevant thematic categories and appear in the Members Community of the site in special thematic campaign pages. A special offers & packages newsletter will soon be activated.

What do “special programmes” refer to?

Special programmes are activities implemented by Marketing Greece in cooperation with sponsors from the public or private sector, with a view to offering businesses and local tourism communities the opportunity to promote themselves for free or through discount programmes.

Do I have the right to a cancel my registration?

Within a 15-day period from the issuing of the relevant proof of registration in one of the promotional programmes, you have the right to cancel your registration by filling in the Statement of Retraction from the Contract which you can find here. You have the right to a refund of your registration fee upon the dispatch of the Statement of Retraction to sales-support@marketinggreece.com.

How is the validity of the registration details ensured?

Each business registered in one of the Promotional Programmes is responsible for the validity of its details. In the eventuality that non-valid or illegal details have been registered leading to the deception of the consumer public, the registration is automatically deactivated and the business has no right to a refund. Furthermore, the rejection of the activation of a business registration which does not meet the Terms and Conditions of publication lies within the jurisdiction of Marketing Greece.
View Terms and Conditions here.

What is the correct procedure for filling in the registration form?

You need to fill in all the necessary information and provide photos relevant to your business on the registration form. The compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Once you have completed the form, you can preview your own page by clicking “Refresh Page”. If you have left one of the compulsory fields blank, “Refresh Page” will point it out to you.

Finally, after you have agreed to the Terms, you can send your registration for publishing to discovergreece.com 

How long will it take for my entry to be uploaded at discovergreece.com?

The staff of discovergreece.com checks your entry immediately and publishes it within 5 days. You will be updated by email upon publication.

My registration details are wrong or have changed. What can I do?

You can change your registration details by logging in here with the details sent to you on the communication email.

How often can I make changes to my registration details?

You can make:

  • 2 changes per year for CLASSIC
  • 6 changes per year for ADVANCED
  • 8 changes per year for PREMIER

What happens if the destination of my business is not included in the Discover Greece destinations list?

In case the exact destination is not included at discovergreece.com, select the destination closest to it.

Can I pay for my registration through a bank or PAYPAL?

At present, payments are only made through debit-credit card. 

How do I receive proof of payment?

Proof of payment will be sent to you, after the activation of your registration, through the email address you have registered with us. 

When does my period of registration begin?

It starts on the day of the activation of the registration. 

I forgot my User Name or access code

In case you have forgotten your User Name, contact us at sales-support@marketinggreece.com
In case you have forgotten your access code, you can ask for a new one to be issued for you here

How can I view my published registration?

Upon the publication of your registration at Discovergreece.com, a unique address (URL) is created automatically through the following formula:


For example, if a business is registered under the name:
Discover Greece Hotel

The URL of that business will be:


If the name of your business is in Greek characters, these will be converted to the corresponding Greeklish characters upon the creation of the URL. 

Finally, all the above is sent to you in full detail by email.

Why am I not receiving the notifications from Discovergreece.com and Marketing Greece?

Many email clients may have set up their computers so that automated messages are sent to the “unwanted” email folder (spam).
If you cannot find one of our emails there, contact us at sales-support@marketinggreece.com.

Why doesn’t my registration appear correctly in the hotel list of the Destination?

Besides the Business Travel Pages unit which gives modern tourism businesses the opportunity to be dynamically promoted to the Greek and international public, regarding hotel reservations, discovergreece.com cooperates with hotelscombined.com and all the service providers with which it is linked, with the exception of booking.com service provider the relevant list can be found at:


If you are cooperating with one of the service providers linked with hotelscombined.com, you appear automatically in the search results of Discovergreece.com.

We would like to recommend the following steps in order to ensure that your hotel unit appears in the search results of Discovergreece.com:

  1. If you are not cooperating with one of the service providers, you will need to choose the provider of your preference (except booking.com) and research the possible ways of cooperation.
  2. If you are already cooperating with one of the service providers, please make sure that the provider you cooperate with has correctly updated the data base so that your hotel unit is included.

In any eventuality, you can contact the following address for support: