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The delicate artichoke is the culinary queen around here, featuring in an oven-baked goat recipe, an octopus dish or simply batter-fried

Discovering Greece one delicious bite at a time

As Blogtrotters returns for a fifth year, our community of travel bloggers, Instagrammers and vloggers will spend the year nibbling and sipping their way around the country, telling tales of how the food Greeks prepare comes from the heart and soul, and not just the land on which it is produced. In a series of tailor-made digital influencer visits, we head to sun-soaked islands and all the way round the mainland with local produce containing the very essence of each region and its people. We explore how local produce and flavours have come to identify with a destination – and how destinations have come to identify with the food they produce. Join us in discovering Bite-Sized Greece!



Meet the Blogtrotters


Blogtrotters wouldn’t be possible without the support of everyone working together to make it happen. We would like to thank all the supporting public and private sector bodies and organisations who are integral members of this community.