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The mare nostrum ideal (Latin for Our Sea) becomes a reality when you can feel the sea uncompromisingly, limitlessly and freely yours. This year try the private yachting experience and see the Greek seas and islands as they really are: a legacy of man and nature that we have the right to enjoy however and whenever we wish.

On the winds of freedom

By choosing to hire a yacht, you choose a lot more than a means to get about. You choose where as well as when to go. Are you pining for the power of the Aegean blue or the majesty of the turquoise Ionian? Would you rather see the sunrise at a feast on Ikaria or feel the first sun rays on your face as you make up limericks in the company of Cretan lyre players? Whether you want to feel like knights on Rhodes or descendants of nobility registered in the Libro d’ Oro of Corfu, private yachting can fulfil your dreams.  You travel wherever you set your mind, limited only by your imagination.

Unique, fun experiences

And it’s not just the diversity in landscapes that yachting offers but also the freedom to express every aspect of yourself depending on the island you find yourselves on. Barefooted on Ios with a can of beer on the beach or elegantly attired with chilled champagne in hand in Psarou on Mykonos. Enjoy the absence of restrictions in every part of your holiday. The experienced crew of your floating home, the yacht, knows all the sea routes that lead to once-in-a-lifetime holiday experiences and the earthly paradises of the Greek islands.

Travels for your soul

In fact, the independence yachting offers leads directly to what you have surely been craving all winter: to feel your soul free. To lie on a sun lounger on the deck and gaze at the sea without a care in the world, infused with that ‘world is your oyster’ feeling that water offers in a mystical, primeval way. To recharge your energy with the blue that reigns supreme in all its hues in the Greek sea and sky.

Variety Yachting, a Variety Cruises company, offers total freedom in your sea escapes by also making its comfortable, safe and ultra-luxurious yachts available for exclusive hire.

This summer live your seafaring dreams through an exclusive Private yachting experience and feel free, unbowed rulers of mare nostrum… just like the sea birds.