Poulati-Kastro path - Alberto Bourdeth

Brighten up your holidays with moments of aesthetic exaltation on an island that loves art and embraces it in its natural beauty. Welcome to Sifnos!

Sifnos might well be described as a natural artistic masterpiece. You could confidently proclaim that the unmistakable brush strokes of a great master have gone into its creation; in its secluded coves, golden sands as well as the joyful harmony of classic Cycladic architecture and the shifting blue shades of the Aegean Sea. Perhaps this is what inspired the locals’ hands-on love of art and led to a remarkable artistic tradition.

Art is in the genes

The secret of Sifnos lies with its people, who draw their audacious flair from nature’s constant reinvention of colour; inspired by the radiant orange hue of dawn dancing across crystalline waters, the blaze of purple bougainvillea, the incandescent blue of sea and sky, the pure white of its foaming waves and the sunset’s imperious crimson sphere. They’ve designed and built archetypal Cycladic homes, churches and celebrated neo-classical villas which fit perfectly into their gorgeous setting. You will find their creative zeal captured in their renowned ceramics, in every turn of the potter’s wheel, as well as a wealth of literature and art which have all led to Sifnos winning the international award of “The Island of Poets and Culture”.

An artistic event with a difference

The cultural tradition continues to this day with events made for every art lover to enjoy. One of them is the “Journey of Contemporary Art”, an art festival which is organized with the support and enthusiasm of the locals as well as people who passionately love the island. Renowned artists from across the globe invite you to admire works displayed in locations designed to enhance the impact of each exhibit.

Experience for yourself the special intimacy established between the art and the island’s natural, scenic assets. See how Sifnos lends colour and texture to the striking creations of pioneering painters and sculptors and admire the way in which the works are integrated into the nature and architecture all around them.

Emulating the local passion for art and faithful to their commitment to offering highly aesthetic holidays of exceptional quality, Verina hotels, as a proud sponsor of the event, provide artists, the artistically inclined, or indeed anyone in need of a beautiful Mediterranean break with the comfort and luxury of five-star accommodation in their elegant facilities against the breathtaking backdrop of Sifnos.   

This summer, follow art on its voyage to Sifnos, use your imagination and make your holiday a masterpiece!