The Hora of Folegandros

There are times when reality surpasses every expectation! A visit to the sparkling white Folegandros basking under the Aegean sun is most definitely one of them.

On Folegandros, the rocky coastline with cliffs that sit bolt upright from the shore give fair notice of the untamed, wild beauty you have in store. The traditional Cycladic architecture of the white washed villages, reflecting the brilliance of the Aegean light, joins the blue call of the sea to make a dreamlike visage… The days of your holiday become a fairy tale you live with all your senses.

A gem of a town
With the exuberance of a young bride uplifted by the breeze, the traditional main town, the Chora, built at the top of a steep cliff, overwhelms with its beauty. The combination of paved alleyways, whitewashed houses, gardens in bloom and so many charming little squares you’ll lose count will make you think you’ve wandered onto the set of a movie. Everything you see is tended to with painstaking care and a liberal dash of artistry. After all, it is not by mere chance that it has been included in CNN’s list of the most beautiful villages in Europe.

On the crest of the rock, above the Chora, stands the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary). Built on the foundations of an ancient temple, it is resplendent in white, remote but far from aloof, inviting you to climb its stone steps one by one and pay your respects to the gifts nature has so lovingly endowed. Among them, the infinite blue of the Aegean, a dancefloor for the sun to tiptoe through its sparkling repertoire and moving one poet to ponder just how much blue God was willing to lavish to keep us from seeing him.

The Magical beaches of Folegandros
Hohlidia, Agali, Fira, Livadi, Katergo and Agios Nikolas represent a mere sample. The island is awash with magnificent beaches and whichever you choose, you are bound to enjoy limpid waters, a stunning sea bed and carefree moments of relaxation.

Escape the well- trodden path

Authentic, traditional, bathed in white, under the light of the life-giving sun that purifies and redeems, Folegandros welcomes you with a sweet smile. You will enjoy all its benefits in a place designed with the expert care of professionals for whom hospitality is the top priority, ANEMI HOTEL.

Its founders were inspired by the Aegean architecture and décor and sought to harmonize their creation with the Cycladic environment and light through the choice of white as the dominant colour (The White Experience), blending traditional and contemporary values in the process.

By harnessing the main elements of the island and its Cycladic neighbours and listening and responding to the exact needs of the visitor, the hotel has thrived. Its facilities are characterized by their clean-cut, subtle décor, perfectly complementing the sense of elegance and the refined luxury. The delightful aesthetics, the ever-attentive staff, the various amenities and services on offer make your stay in ANEMI HOTEL a thoroughly happy and positive experience.

On Folegandros and in ANEMI HOTEL, the white says it all about the innocence, honesty, lucidity and purity of the land and its people.