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Enjoy your drink with Aegean view

Cruising the Greek islands, borne on the Aegean wind, a dream in blue and white passing before your eyes. Capture it in your heart in the embrace of a Greek cruise ship.

A few moments on the ship are enough for you to discover that you and your fellow travellers have something in common. A beaming smile and a playful glint in the eye, as if every one of you is in on a secret; something you can’t really express in words, but it’s there all the same. You are living the unprecedented experience of a shared dream coming true all around you.  And the ship, privy to the secret, brings the dream fully to life with flavours, fun and relaxation.

Travelling in good taste
Holidays and travel are two of the best experiences in life. However, more often than not, planning them can be a complex procedure. Where to go, how to get there, what to eat and how much to pay are questions that we all have to struggle with when we plan our summer. The cruise has the great advantage of simplifying all this and allows more time for pure fun without a care in the world. A trip including accommodation, food, entertainment and sightseeing constitutes a complete holiday experience in which all you have to do is pick an itinerary and …off you go!

Have fun the nautical way
Seafarers have a reputation as outgoing revelers. In keeping with this spirit, the ship and its entire crew will be your “master of ceremonies”, pulling out all the stops to bring you the very best in entertainment. Live music or parties with top DJs, mixed in with exotic cocktails, will keep you dancing till dawn; private champagne moments to the accompaniment of a lilting piano and fun -packed events by the pool where everyone is encouraged to join in. On board fun never stops. All you have to do is pick one or several of the tempting options and … have the time of your life!

Looking and feeling beautiful
As many facilities and services- and there are plenty- as a cruise boat may provide, there is always one that surpasses them all in popularity: the spa. With a great range of face and body treatments, restorative and rejuvenating therapies, hair salon services and, everyone’s favourite, a good massage, the spa continues the time-honoured maritime tradition that life at high sea demands an impeccable, well-groomed appearance. Leave everything to the experts and, when the treatments are done, show yourself off at your beautiful best, both on board and on shore.

The Celestyal Inclusive Experience
The Celestyal Inclusive Experience makes your cruise relaxing and enjoyable. Staterooms come with all the comforts you’ll need while you’re on vacation, and the cruise package includes three onboard meals per day, made with the finest local ingredients so that you can have an authentic gastronomic experience. You can also enjoy a special collection of branded beverages that suits your preferences from the all-inclusive drink package. Handpicked selection of shore excursions guarantee you’ll see the best of every destination and the jam-packed entertainment program on board features activities from morning till night, full of excitement, fun and laughter that are suitable for all ages and tastes. Everything, even gratuities, is included in the final price of your ticket so that you can stick to your vacation budget and enjoy your cruise up until the end.

Whatever you choose, the Celestyal crews, distinguished for their unerring politeness, discretion and, primarily, heartwarming hospitality, are always willing to provide their services with a warm smile and make your cruise even more dreamlike.

This summer live the dream on one of the hospitable Celestyal Cruises liners, select one of their competitively priced cruise packages and set sail for the holiday of a lifetime.