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Romantic Cruises around Greek islands

Sail into a unique holiday experience against the backdrop of the enchanting Aegean.

If you have never been on a cruise, it is high time you started thinking about one. A cruise is so much more than just a regular holiday as it combines in the most ideal way everything you would imagine to make that perfect escape. Comfort, relaxation, fun, good food and a variety of brand new sights, sounds and experiences. You simply have to live it!

Prepare for the most carefree holidays of your life

Holidays and travel are two of the best experiences in life. However, more often than not, planning them can be a complex procedure. Where to go, how to get there, what to eat and how much to pay are questions that we all have to struggle with when we plan our summer. The cruise has the great advantage of simplifying all this and allows more time for pure fun without a care in the world. A trip including accommodation, food, entertainment and sightseeing constitutes a complete holiday experience in which all you have to do is pick an itinerary and …off you go!

See new images every day

The magic of a cruise lies in the fact that every morning you roll up in a different destination after sailing overnight. Every day a new scene, ever-changing beauty and new faces excite you. Even on a 3-day cruise you feel like you have escaped for weeks. The cruise is simply unrivalled in the variety it can offer since you can visit up to 2 different destinations a day!

Hospitality and pure delight

You won’t be able help yourself! You’ll literally fall in love with your cruise ship and the experiences and moments you will live on board as they take you from one dreamlike destination to another. Starting with the service, it will be hard to find elsewhere the quality of the hospitality that you will enjoy on a cruise. It is not just “excellent”, it is warm and heartfelt. You will feel like a VIP from the moment you set foot on board. You may even decide that, upon arriving at a destination, you would like to spend a little more time on the ship. So numerous are the activities and services available, so varied the opportunities for entertainment and relaxation, so enticing the prospect of chilling out beside the pool that you will not want to miss a single moment.

Celestyal Cruises, is your ideal introduction to the wonderful world of cruising by offering the best destinations and an unrivalled hospitality onboard. Whichever cruise you select, you know you will be pampered to perfection at extremely affordable prices. Choose among the different stories of Greek Hospitality of the company and immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey. Taste, feel and live authentic Greek Moments and embrace the genuine Greek spirit and passion for life or sample each of the local flavours throughout your unforgettable voyage!   

Don’t waste another second. Hop aboard the dream.