Aegean for families

Traveling with children? We are here for you!


Read about the bundle of services exclusively designed for you, so that to turn your family trip into an even more pleasurable experience.


You’ve been dreaming of your family trip for ages. This is why we will ensure that you enjoy every moment and are prepared for everything. Before booking your tickets, then, read all the information that we have collected for you.
  • Special fares for infants & children
  • Learn about baggage allowance
  • Check what travel documents you need to have with you
  • Family seats
  • Travel rules for infants and children
  • Children traveling alone

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Planning your trip


  • Traveling during pregnancy
  • Traveling with a baby
  • Traveling with a child
  • Traveling with baby seats/strollers
  • The most useful checklist
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Preparing to fly


Young travellers are not known for their patience! Thankfully, you no longer have to wait in the queue. All you need to do is go to the special “Aegean for families” counter and… enjoy the privileges available to you!

  • Family baggage drop-off counters at Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaka airports
  • Family priority boarding
  • Check-in options
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At the airport


The joy of young travellers “takes off” as soon as they enter the plane.
Discover the Aegean Junior Pilots series, which we have designed especially for them, to keep them occupied in the most creative way throughout the flight!

Reminder! Order the Child Meal (available on international flights) during your ticket booking.

  • Aegean Junior Pilots series for infants
  • Aegean Junior Pilots series for children
  • Special meals for Aegean Junior Pilots

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In flight


A family trip means joy, new memories, and plenty of privileges! Register now for the Miles+Bonus Together service and win with every trip, alone or with your children!

Miles + Bonus

Our Loyalty Programme, Miles+Bonus, generously rewards your preference for us with benefits and services that turn your every journey into a unique experience!

Together service

Create a joint account for the members of your family as well as your friends, so that you can collect miles together and be rewarded more than ever before!

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