the church bell crossing a leap of faith
Dennis Tritaris από Dennis Tritaris

The Church Bell Crossing. A Leap of Faith!

The sound of a church bell caught our attention. The ringing at times was so loud that it could not be ignored. So I asked a local at the village near Kefalos where this sound came from. I was told that whenever someone crosses the waters to the small island it is customary that you ring the bell. The white church stands tall at the peak of the island and looks across to the mainland. So that was it…. Our challenge was set! It was late afternoon and the current was strong but we promised each other that we would attempt the crossing the following day. The sun rose on a perfect Greek summer morning. The excitement was high and our task was ahead. With the help of a simple inflatable beach mattress we set off to cross the waters to the little island. The current was still quite strong and all our energy was needed to focus and get across. We reached the island and both were spent. After catching my breath I climbed to the top. The view from Saint Stephanos church was beautiful and as custom has it, of course I rang that bell with a vengeance (as if I wanted my friends back home in Sydney to hear). We were both proud of that achievement and we promised our selves that we would come back and repeat it. The photo of Saint Stephanos Church in the background is framed on our wall back home as a reminder of that special day in Kos.