Archondou Apartments Sifnos


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Archondou rooms and apartments are located in Apollonia ,scenic country of Sifnos. It is the ideal place for you to look at theunique view to the Aegean Sea and offer’s you moments of peace and tranquility relaxing while a few minutes walk you are in the center of the island withshops and restaurants. Our rooms are all renovated with
comfortable rooms, simple decorating beds with top sleeping system and spacious bathrooms. The Archonto is the ideal accommodation for couples to stay in our rooms with the beautiful balconies and the unique view as well as for families. Our apartments provides a kitchen with all the comforts , lunch and a beautiful courtyard. The Archontou Hotel is also the best ideal for the island’s walkers as well as it’s in a central location and can be the starting point for their walking excursions.



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