Cressa Ghitonia Village Hotel & Spa

Cressa Ghitonia
Welcome to our authentic, reconstructed, cretan Neighbourhood of the 1800’s! Located at the highest point of the little village of Sfaka (Crete), Cressa Ghitonia Village Restaurant & Spa is a 15-house redevelopment where each room is truly unique, and maintains its historical elements. Here you will have the opportunity to escape at a destination where time has stood still over the centuries!

While still benefiting from all modern luxuries, you will walk through the village’s small alleys to reach the Hotel, you will hear the church bell sound, you will gaze at the virgin views of the Aegean Sea and mountains, you will taste cretan and greek dishes from local hands and recipes, you will dance to the Cretan Lyra and you will fully unwind at a cave-like SPA. Ask us about the local mountain herbs, the unique walk to the tropical Gorge of Richtis, our virgin olive oil, the history of Sfaka and the hidden gems of the area… Come as a guest, live as a Neighbour, return as a Cretan!

Working Period
April - October November-March (only for Weekends)

Sfaka, Sitia - Lasithi, Crete, 72057, Sitia, SITIA
T. 2843029040, 6979112482
Fax: 2843029041