Athens Was

ATHENSWAS, a brand new boutique hotel of exceptional aesthetics and design, standing at the one end of our city's most well-known pedestrian walkway, at number 5 of Dionysiou Areopagitou, lures all the visitors who want to experience its most famous and attractive side as well as its pace of life. AthensWas lives in and enjoys the history of the city while represents the most contemporary and international side of Athens.

AthensWas started its operation in April 2015. Upon arrival at the hotel, a pleasant surprise awaits. Only a few minutes separate the visitor from the most significant monuments and attractions: the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum, Plaka, the Ancient Agora, and many more. But the same applies to the modern side of the city: the Parliament, the shopping center, the neighborhoods with the trendy bars, restaurants, shops and galleries that attract the more youthful and vibrant part of the city are within walking distance.

ATHENSWAS is an award winning hotel, a member of the Design Hotels as well as the first and only design city hotel on the most renowned pedestrian walkway in Athens, which worthily represents both the contemporary and the international side of the Greek capital.

Respecting the position where it is located, it was designed in line with the principles of classic modernism with clean lines, uncluttered structures and natural materials, namely white marble from Dionyssos, black from Volos and green from Tinos as well as Greek walnut. In addition, the warm colors that dominate, blue, green and terracotta, leave the visitor with a sense of relaxation and balance.

Entering ATHENSWAS hotel, the guest enjoys a story- telling of contemporary design.

The lobby with its marble reception and the logo written in marble and bronze on natural walnut, the pleasant breakfast room with its wall tapestries in modern designs, the backyard with its ceramic pots and the Athenian “gazia” (sweet acacia) are creatively combined with the furniture, consisting of pieces designed in the 1920s as well as modern design pieces, creating a luxurious effect with bouncy and joyful elements.

The aesthetic result is complemented by some striking photos by Stephen Samian, depicting portraits and statues from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and the works on carpet, especially designed for the hotel, by the graffiti designer Athens1281.

The Interior Design carries the signature of the well-known STAGEDESIGNOFFICE and Stavros Papayannis.

AthensWas features 21 rooms and Suites which resemble elegant apartments with a strong personality. They are spacious and bright, with very comfortable bathrooms and large terraces that enable guests to enjoy one of the most distinct aspects of Athenian life: relaxation in an open space.

Plaka stretches in front of you while Lycabettus Hill, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the rock of the Acropolis compose a majestic view enjoyed by the visitor thus enhancing their stay.

The Hellenic Grand Suite (110m2), the diamond of ATHENSWAS, occupies the hotel's entire 7th floor, designed to serve the needs those who seek the intimacy and comfort of an Athenian apartment, offers an unobstructed view of the entire city, from the surrounding mountains in the distance, to the sea which washes its southern side, and is only a breath away from the temple of the Parthenon. It has a terrace of 50m2 with a living room and a dining room for private lunches and meetings.

All the rooms boast furnishings of exquisite aesthetics as well as all the facilities of a luxurious hotel.

The experience of staying in ATHENSWAS is not limited to its luxury construction, the charismatic location and the unique design but also extends to the quality of its hospitality.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is served in the elegant hall on the ground floor or on the pleasant patio, resembling a courtyard of an Athenian residence. Breakfast is offered a la carte, always with an assortment of carefully chosen Greek products and a variety of dishes encountered in the menus of state-of-the-art European hotels.

The "Sense Fine Dining Restaurant", on the rooftop of the hotel with a stunning view of the Acropolis, is going to be the top gastronomic expression of the AthensWas Hotel, a restaurant with limited availability and high requirements.

At the AthensWas Hotel, gazing at the Acropolis rock from the historical area of Plaka on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Chef Thodoris Papanikolaou takes care of the "Sense Fine Dining Restaurant" menu and the hotel's morning and afternoon card, providing the AthensWas with its own all-day gastronomic seal.

ATHENSWAS is proud of its staff. Thanks to their extensive experience and broad knowledge, they contribute to the high-quality service offered, as they are always available to serve their guests with courtesy and elegance. They are here to cover our visitors’ every desire and need for planning with immediacy and consistency: tickets for museums or shows, visits to monuments, tours, excursions outside Athens, transfers by helicopter to the islands, etc.

All the aforementioned, have been positively commented in the reviews that have been received by the hotel and the staff and have recently led to the conferment of the Booking Award for 2015.

AthensWas is the hotel that will always be an indelible memory for its visitors. It is the place where one can admire the most beautiful view across the globe, the Parthenon, the last stop for the audiences of the Herodion performances for a cocktail, the choice for a great meal or a business meeting, but above all, it is the beginning of the ride in the most renowned neighborhood of the planet.

Facilities and Services
  • Business center
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner à la carte (also served in your room)*
  • Pillow menu
  • Mini Gym
  • 24-hour Front desk service / Departures and Arrivals beyond usual time (upon request)
  • Room Service daily from 07:00-23:00
  • Modern Rooftop Dining, from 12:00 to 24:00
  • Additional optional services available upon request

5, Dionysiou Areopagitou Str, 11742, Athens, ATHENS
T. +30 210 9249954
Fax: +30 210 9245264