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Spring, summer, autumn, winter: Holidays all year round in the most beautiful country of the Mediterranean

Greece’s worldwide fame is due to its unique light, sea, and islands – the Greek summer. And yet, there is so much more. You can enjoy holidays during all seasons in Greece: spring, autumn, and winter promise experiences that will remain indelibly etched in your memory. It’s time to discover what Greeks know, live and enjoy: the beauty of Greece all year round!

September. Summer in Greece continues into autumn: the sea is warm and perfect for swimming, diving and fishing. The light creates a tranquil landscape, the perfect atmosphere for afternoon walks on the beach. There are just enough visitors to sustain your summer mood.

The winds have dropped, and it’s the perfect time to hop from island to island in the Aegean Sea. Andros, Tinos, Mykonos and the famous archaeological site of Delos make one wonderful combination for autumn holidays in Greece. Then, there are Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini – where you’ll have the chance to take part in the harvesting organised by the islands’ vineyards. For more authentic moments explore the Small Cyclades – Astypalaia, Amorgos and Kalymnos, where you’ll become a part of the daily life of the local islanders.  

October. Don’t rush to put on a jacket. The climate of Greece in October is mild, and temperatures are still relatively high.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know some of its most interesting cities. Ioannina with its famous lake, Nafplio with its beautiful stately mansions, Monemvasia with its impressive castle, museums, fortresses, Byzantine monasteries and endless strolls in picturesque neighbourhoods await.

November. The International Film Festival in Thessaloniki is a great opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the capital of Northern Greece. A crossroads of people and cultures, Thessaloniki promises much;  the White Tower, Aristotelous Square, the old and new waterfronts, Ladadika, the warehouses of the port, exceptional museums all  welcome you to this charming city. Dozens of cafes, bars, ouzeries and restaurants in every corner of Thessaloniki are teeming with people all day long, giving the impression that the city is in a constant state of  celebration.

December. Christmas in Greece! This is the ideal time to travel to the mountain villages;  Portaria and Makrinitsa in Pelion,  Zagorohoria, Trikala Korinthias,  Dimitsana and Stemnitsa in mountainous Arkadia,  Karpenisi and its surrounding villages,  Arahova and the ski resort of Parnassos and  Nymfaio with its restored mansions. The picturesque stone villages seem as if they have been lifted from a fairy tale, with their festive atmosphere and glittering lights, in the shadow of the mountains that surround them.

January. From  6th to  8th  January, Kastoria celebrates Ragoutsaria, a modern Dionysian celebration. All of Macedonia is invited!  In Orestiada, the masquerade parade is accompanied by a brass band, through the lakeside streets lined with the stately homes of furriers. The ski centres of Macedonia and their nearby towns are perfect for a unique winter holiday: Kaimaktsalan and Edessa with its spectacular waterfalls, Lailias and Serres, 3-5 Pigadia and Naoussa, Vigla and Florina all have their own special charm.

February. Carnival season  and Clean Monday are celebrated throughout Greece, so your choices are endless – particularly if you‘d like  to witness first-hand the authentic local customs and traditions that have been preserved  to this day.. In Kozani there is ‘Fanon’ – the fires, dancing and centuries-old traditions are a sight to see. In Naoussa, you can witness the elegant costumes in the festival of  ‘Genitsari and  Boules’ (Janissaries and Boules).

In Patras, the impressive parade of floats will stay  for a long time in the memory..  On Skyros, you will experience the traditional dance of ‘Gerou and Korelas’ (Old man and the girl). Particularly festive are the celebrations in Rethymnos, Crete and Xanthi. In Athens, every neighbourhood has its carnival parade and on Clean Monday the historic hills of Pnika and Filopappou are teeming with multicoloured kites.

March. The first month of spring in Greece is magical. Clear blue Attica skies and glorious sunshine  illuminate the ancient marbles of the Parthenon. The New Acropolis Museum welcomes visitors from all around the world – as do dozens of other interesting museums and cultural centres;   the Archaeological Museum, the new Benaki Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the National Gallery, the Onassis House of Letters & Arts. Walk around  and discover Dionysios Areopagitis, Thiseion, Monastiraki and the neighbourhoods of Plaka, under the shadow of the Acropolis. Enjoy a leisurely coffee in the sunshine, a multitude of options for drinks and dining in a capital with a zest for life and fun.

Daisies and Greek nature in the spring

April. Easter in Greece. Here spring is a ritual, and every choice for a holiday in Greece promises to be an authentic experience: Corfu stands out with its world-renowned Easter rituals and Philharmonic Orchestra. There is a truly magical atmosphere  in  this aristocratic city with its fortress, Liston Arcade, Spianada, Campiello and its festive flavours.

May. The last month of spring is a treat for the senses.. Fragrant, blooming, colourful. The first swim of the year off  Greece’s beautiful beaches with their crystalline water. A magical landscape: Cape Sounion, Aegina, Spetses, Messinia, Elounda, the south of Crete embraced by the Libyan Sea, the emerald water of Lefkada and Zakynthos. Rejuvenation and rebirth!

June-July-August. Summer in Greece reveals its alluring magic. Which direction will the compass point? Towards Crete, with Elafonisi, Balo and Elounda?  Towards Messinia?  Towards exotic Elafonisos in the Peloponnese? Towards the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, with its dozens of beautiful islands?  Towards the Ionian islands, with their Venetian atmosphere and heavenly beaches? Towards the villages of Pelion, embraced by the Aegean Sea? Towards Halkidiki, a piece of paradise with exotic beaches?  Sailing, diving, sea sports, spa, nightlife and beach bars. The possibilities are endless in Greece.

Santorini in the spring