The New Age - Wine Tasting in Metsovo


The new age flight includes Inima wines, the wines that lauched a new era at Katogi Averoff Winery. Four different labels, based on Greek indigenous grape variities, under the name "Inima" which in Metsovo's local Vlach dialect, means "heart/soul".

  • Inima Athiri & Assyrtiko - White
  • Inima Negoska - Roze
  • Inima Negoska - Red
  • Iinima Xinomavro - Red
  • Tsipouro Katogi Averoff
Source: Katogi Averoff


The winery is fully equipped with up-to-date equipment for wine production and bottling. The barrel room contains over 1200 oak barrels, in which our red wines mature; rare, collectible bottles are available at the wine cellar.

You are invited to visit the Katogi Averoff winery and enjoy a guided tour – a unique, multimedia-rich initiation into the world of wine, the history of Katogi and our winemaking process – as well as an exciting opportunity to admire the extensive range of art installations on site.

The tour includes: A visit to the evocative ambiance of the cellars in the historic Katogi Averoff winery. Video screenings illustrating the various stages of winemaking and the history of the Katogi Averoff estate.

Source: Katogi Averoff

Additional Information

The visit begins with a tour of the cellar, temperatures are quite low (12-14 °C). Thus, it is highly recommended to be dressed accordingly.

Source: Katogi Averoff


About the provider

Katogi Averoff

Katogi Averoff Winery offers unique wine-centric experience in a winning combination of wine, art and hospitality.

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