Ancient theatre of Dodona

The Ancient Theaters of Epirus 🎧 Audio Tour


  • Uncover the history of Nikopolis, an ancient city founded by Augustus, and its theater, which stands as a testament to the cultural importance of the region.
  • Discover the archaeological site of Amvrakia, home to the ruins of an ancient theater that once served as a cultural and religious center in the region.
  • Marvel at the impressive ruins of the ancient theater of Cassope, which boasts stunning views and offers insights into the region's rich history.
  • Visit the ancient theater of Gitana, an important site that showcases the architectural and artistic excellence of the Hellenistic period.
  • Explore the ancient theater of Dodoni, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece, where the famous oracle of Zeus was located.

Total distance: 238 km

Estimated time (including audio): 6.2 hours

Number of stops: 7

Source: Clio Muse Tours


My name is Praxias the Athenian and any man of good taste will tell you what a great actor I am. I have faithfully served god Dionysus for many decades and now, as I approach the end of my days, eager to share my divine skills with the common people, I am on a grand farewell tour here in Epirus, a land of glorious cities and smart audiences.

Stop 1: Singing in the city of Victory (Nicopolis)

It is always a thrill to visit Nicopolis. The divine Augustus must have been guided by the gods themselves when he chose this location to set up his camp against Antony and Cleopatra and when he founded his city.

Stop 2: The Great Games (Nicopolis)

Dionysus and Apollo are both sons of Zeus and I, being a servant of the former cannot fail to pay homage to the latter. Fortunately the Actian Games were in full swing when I arrived in Nicopolis

Stop 3: Pocket Theatre (Amvrakia)

What men expect is not brought to pass, but a god finds a way to achieve the unexpected. This line by Euripides captures my feelings regarding this vile betrayal. May Dionysus punish those who disrespect his servants.

Stop 4: A city upon a hill (Cassope)

For many years Cassope lies in ruins, frequented only by vine-growers and shepherds. But I was determined to see with my own eyes its magnificent theatre and spend a few days in blissful seclusion.

Stop 5: The great theatre (Cassope)

Walking through the ruins of the city is an incredible experience which culminates in the arrival before this magnificent theatre, where I decided to rehearse some of the plays I intend to present in Dodona.

Stop 6: The art of politics (Gitana)

The theatre is truly one of the most important buildings in any Greek city. Even in this mosquito-infested land, the people spared no expense in their desire to acquire all the elements of a superior urban civilization.

Stop 7: A bloody new world (Dodona)

I am finally in Dodona, the ancient religious center of Epirus where mortals learn the future from the rustling of the sacred oak leaves. Here I hope to find the man who will pay my debts and relieve me of my pursuers.

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Source: Clio Muse Tours

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